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Life on the Road

I’m days behind writing about the details. I’ve done the majority of the driving (and not because I’m a control freak). Driving an average of seven hours a day will take a lot out of you. We have traveled over 2,000 miles so far and have experienced so much in between. I have stories about Santa Fe, Flagstaff, AZ, the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Las Vegas.

Right now I am sitting in Nick’s aunt’s house in a suburb of L.A. in California. I have been on the road for exactly two weeks and still have another two to go. We tried to map out the rest of the trip and we will be pretty non-stop. Our next goal is to reach Yosemite and then the Red Woods Forest. Our aim is to make it to Oregon by mid-week then Colorado by Monday.

It’s exciting, but tiring as well. Las Vegas drained me and not because I boozed it up. There is so much energy in that city that it drains you. I passed out for two hours after the five hour drive here and I’m still exhausted.

I’m starting to realize that I like visiting smaller towns over big cities. I like CULTURE! Who wants to see Olive Gardens and Best Buys? Give me the charming mom and pop shops any day. The workers are friendlier and the monetary exchange seems more meaningful. I don’t mind stimulating local economies.

Anyways, I think we are going to Pasadena tomorrow. I can’t wait to write some more. I really do want to thank everyone for the support. It makes it a lot easier to get through the rough days…and believe me-there are hard times on the road. But it’s worth it. I have eaten the most “mamazing” cuisine and met the most interesting souls. My mind is reeling at this point because I don’t even know where to start trying to piece some of this together.

I’ll finish for today with a quote:

“I wish I would have counted the freckles on my wife’s body while she was still alive, because if I would count yours, I think it would be the same!” —Uncle Edgar (explanation to follow)


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