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Claremont, California

We had made plans to get up early and run, but that plan ended before it started.

Instead, I struggled to the coffee pot, showered and then we headed to Claremont with Aunt Linda and Uncle Steve.

There’s a spot called The Village where four colleges meet that is absolutely gorgeous. It is filled with lush greenery and landscape that is almost stereotypical California.

We went to Rhino records, a used vinyl shop. We scrolled through used and new CDs and books for over an hour. I bought The Ultimate Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (a collection of five novels), a book of new poems by Charles Bukowski, a Coldwar Kids album, and a happy little Buddha hood ornament that Nick and I now call Sid (short for Siddhartha).

The guy behind the register turned out to be originally from Texas. We made the association after he checked my id. Reference: businesses have checked my id almost every time I have used my credit card. It’s kind of reassuring to know they take this identity theft thing kind of seriously.

Back to the guy. He asked how long it had been since I left Louisiana, because he didn’t find I had an accent. I have gotten this quite a few times on this trip from people who have checked my id. To which I normally reply, “You haven’t heard me once I’ve had a few drinks.” But seriously, I know my accent comes out every time I cross the Acadia Parish border to go home or when I’m on the phone with my Mom.

We then walked a few doors over to Legend’s American Grill. The food was great, but the portions were epicly unnecessary. I guess if we were to stereotype the cause of American obesity, this place puts Supersize Me to shame. I think all four of us could have split one burger and the gigantic potato-fries and been just fine. I’m glad I stuck with a Caesar salad, which could have fed Shrek.

We walked through a few more shops: a Tibetan import store where we got incense and a Folk music store where we almost bought djembes.

I realized while we walked past these adorable boutiques that I have never really window shopped, where you walk on sidewalks and looked at store displays. We don’t really have that at home in Lafayette or Rayne. We were mall shoppers. You drive your car to a place and then go into a store. If there was nothing at the mall, you got back in your car and drove to another store.

I like walking outside. You get to breathe fresh air.

We did end up getting back into the car to go to a strip mall. But this was a mall that was built for you to stroll outside instead of inside. Like an inside out mall.

We went to the Bass Pro Shop first and I bought my very first tent. It was on sale for $30, so I couldn’t pass it up. I bought a$25 pair of jeans and a Northface fleece too. I didn’t realize how chilly it was this time of year in the Northwest. (Yet again, should have done more research).

We had another relaxing night of dinner and a movie–Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The next day were to wake and drive to Yosemite. Or at least that’s what we thought before we went to sleep.


2 thoughts on “Claremont, California”

  1. About the ID checking…. I wrote on the back of my card “check ID”. NOONE checks it. So i started signing random names. ( Winona Ryder, Melanie Safka). The BEST was in Rayne. A lady looked at the back and made the comment….”i’ve never seen that written on the back of a card before” and then handed it back to me. She STILL didn’t check it! I thought I was going to die laughing.

    1. WOW! We should look into this at home. I’m already starting to feel like Nancy Drew because I have a lot of ideas to go home with! haha. I’ll be in touch for details. But that’s a pretty great story!

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