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Fort Collins

I woke up right as we made it to Fort Collins, Colorado. I was going to stay with my friend Lauren and her family: Aran, Shea, and Liam. Rick was going to stay with our mutual friends, Doug and Katherine.

Lauren was my little sis during our sorority days of Sigma Sigma Sigma. She had moved to Colorado a few years ago and met Aran while they were working for Whole Foods in Boulder. They spent a summer in a tent while Aran studied bird migration. Nine months later, they had Shea–an adorable, smart little boy who now has the curliest, blond hair. They recently added Liam to their bunch and after spending a few days with him, I feel like I have met one of the happiest babies alive.

Doug and Katherine recently moved to Fort Collins in order for Katherine to attend graduate school at CSU to study Physics.  I had originally met Katherine in high school because we were both from the same small town. I re-met her with Doug a few years ago at the Rok Haus. They were avid climbers. Needless to say, they love the outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer.

When Rick lived in Lafayette, he climbed with both of them, but also had many classes with Katherine. The trio were extremely close before their ways parted. It was interesting to witness such an intimate reunion again for Rick.

We parked at Lauren’s house in order to change before heading to breakfast with Doug and Katherine at the Rainbow restaurant. The name immediately made me think of the Rainbow’s End in Flagstaff.

I loved the little connections I made from city to city. Certain moments reminded me of a previous town, which added to the feeling that I was on the right track.

I had an organic omelet at the Rainbow with lots of coffee to chase the egg. We decided to head to the lake in order for the crew to go rock climbing .

I was too exhausted to climb, so I found a rock to lay on as I read some of Charles Bukowski’s, “Slouching towards Nirvana.” I maybe read three poems before I passed out.

I woke up to three touristy-looking people scoping out the view of the lake, while also pointing at this girl who is sleeping on a rock. I checked my watch and knew I had been out for at least an hour. I scanned the shoreline and eventually saw Nick attempting a huge boulder.

I threw my books in the back of Doug’s truck and meandered down a thin path to meet up with the climbers. Nick had his camera, so I took a few shots while I tried to wake up.

It wasn’t too long before they were ready to make an exit. We piled into the truck and drove down the mountain. There was an authentic drive-in movie range at the bottom of the hill. Katherine told us they do double features sometimes and even have recent movies.

The sunny sky was so beautiful that day. Maybe I was still reeling from the sunrise I had witnessed eight hours prior. I daydreamed about the crystal blue water I had just seen. It was June, but I knew it would have been too cold to swim. It made me want to go to the beach in Florida with my family. We had gone two summers in a row and the waves were calling my name.

I was ready for another nap, so Nick and I went to Whole Foods to pick up some grub and then went back to Lauren’s for showers and naps.

I pretty much slept the whole night through. I needed to recover from the drive. My body needed to piece itself back together after all of the internal explosions.


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