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There is no secret ingredient

(SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen the movie or are offended by revealed plots, skip this entry)

I woke up from what seemed like an eternity of sleep. I don’t understand how vampires function so quickly after such long slumbers. It takes me at least half an hour added with a dose of coffee to really feel alive.

Nick wasn’t feeling too hot and I was still groggy, so we decided to lay low.

Shea was watching Kung Fu Panda and I didn’t have the heart to change the television, so I plopped onto the fluffy couch and proceeded to watch this adorable film.

I had seen previews for the Jack Black movie, but I didn’t give it any credit. It was one of those pleasant misunderstandings. I was totally sucked into the Oriental history.

This panda had so much passion for a skill he had yet to conquer. I was so empathetic to his willingness to strive for something that no one else around him believed. I was inspired.

During the storyline, there is discussion about secret ingredients in the father’s noodle recipe and a secret scroll that reveals information to only the worthy.

Towards the end of the movie, the father reveals that there is no secret ingredient in his noodles. He just tells that to his guests and they automatically assume it’s better.

Then, when Po reads the scroll, there is nothing on it.

“There is no secret ingredient!”

This line blew my mind. How often are we on this search for something that doesn’t exist? Or we place so much pressure on ourselves because we assume something is not possible?  However,  if we would remove the negative blinders, we could see the opportunity to reach the goal.

I’m probably placing too much faith into a children’s movie, however the simplicity of his answer really hit the spot that moment of my existential journey.

Lauren and I took the kids for a walk later that afternoon. I ran through a charming little neighborhood then swung with Liam. He really is so bubbly.

I grabbed a Whole Foods salad again for dinner and finished the evening by reading a little of  “The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”

There is no secret ingredient.


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