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The Orange Juice Philosophy

An editorial I wrote two summers ago:

I have come to understand that I live my life by various philosophies. It allows me to bend my own rules instead of having to defend strict beliefs. Maybe, I don’t really like to be wrong and I like to leave some space to play.

Recently, I started to covet a new guitar. Don’t get me wrong the one I have now is great…for practicing. The action is high and it is very challenging to perfect high bar-chords. In the long run this will make me a much better player, but for now I am trudging on this nasty plateau.
Being a poor college student, I have some free time between my four jobs. When it comes to thinking of free things to do, I decided to check out a local music store to see what I should set my intentions on next. This is never a good idea when you don’t have the money to back it up. Yet, it strikes a desire to figure out a way to make your aspiration a reality.
Still, the ability to have a new guitar was not happening in my current reality.
I was telling my mom about the predicament and she told me this is a complete example of her “orange juice philosophy”.
See, when we were growing up, we didn’t have a whole lot of money. My mom had to have orange juice in the morning and she could only afford to get the cheap concentrate Winn Dixie brand. We thought it was fantastic. I can even remember eating it directly from the canister. We drank this orange juice for years with no qualms whatsoever.
Then Wal-Mart opened in the neighboring town of Crowley.
For the same price, my mom could get the Minute-Maid brand. Orange juice as we knew it was changed forever.
There was no returning to the cheap brand. Even if she ran out, she would drive the extra ten minutes to get her new fix.
So as I was telling her about my yearning for a new guitar after playing a new one, she told me to remember the orange juice.
“Never try something new if you are not willing to stick with the old one, because you may never want to go back,” she said.
I thought it was a pretty nifty little piece of advice.
Not long after that, I had a new roommate who moved in…with a brand new Yamaha guitar.


6 thoughts on “The Orange Juice Philosophy”

  1. this is a great philosophy! i will remember this story for when Andie is old enough to start learning about how to appreciate the things you have.

    1. I know, right? It’s the Chuck & Syl combo that makes me so…well me! I think your parents had some nice contribution as well:)

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