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Consume something

What makes a good writer? It’s not that I have developed any new words. Although, I would like to take credit for, “philosophize,” which I feel I used 9 years ago during early college years.

A great writer knows how to construct words into a form that causes an emotional reaction from the reader. More often than not, it’s for the writer themselves.

The greatest writers may have original ideas, or insight to preexisting texts. Because all they do is read other people’s works and correlate it to personal experience and current social “norms”.

You become a strange medium for your audience. Someone who can see things that most choose not to view. Either way is correct, because both are just personal perceptions.

I just hold the ability to regurgitate the information I consume in a slightly less botched form. It’s far from perfect and totally my own view, which I am willing to share with the sole intention to keep you less frightened to regurgitate your own. So,

Consume something:)


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