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Domesticated Training Wheels: the Mission

SO here’s the idea. My life has taken a grave turn since graduation. It’s cliche in almost every way. Find a job, somewhat settle down, learn about domestic living. It’s a part of my life that I have yet to master. And I had been very down about it.

See, I was ready for a new adventure in my life. One filled with refreshing scenery and exotic people. But the reality of finances forced me home first. Once I moved into the house, my understanding of what I was to learn next shocked me.

I don’t really know how to keep up a household, or cook dinner every night. Raising kids would be a whole other ballgame I have yet to even consider. Fifty years ago, this is what women were trained to do- it boggles my mind,  because my generation is almost clueless.

Especially me.

So I’ve started a personal experiment, because I’ve been blessed with a glimpse. I have a house to take care of–that belongs to my great grandmother. I have someone to cook for–but we’re not married. I have nieces to play auntie to–and they can go home if they get to be too much. I have plants in pots–I’m not ready to be grounded. I have a temporary full-time job–it’s preparing me for structured teaching.

I was discouraged because this transition was a challenge. I was on top when I graduated and for some reason I thought life was going to allow me a freebie due to good karma.

Silly me.

Now that I have accepted this mission, I trust that my current experience is necessary to get to the next step. I feel a lot better. And I know that I am not alone. And I understand that right now is a great step to revel in.

I will share the quirky little things I learn while becoming domesticated…well as domesticated as LeeCee can get. I appreciate suggestions along the way and hope that I find valuable information to share.

Life’s a trippy, adventurous journey, no matter the scenery or environmental factors. Maybe one day I’ll ride with no handlebars.


2 thoughts on “Domesticated Training Wheels: the Mission”

  1. You’re smart! I waited until I got married to learn how to cook. Poor husband. =( Fortunately, my mom lived 5 minutes away, so I could go to her house for Gumbo-cooking lessons. Just keep working at it. It gets easier with practice!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! So far, the only thing I’m starting to get the hang of is meatloaf. He’s the better cook for sure. Maybe I’ll just get used to cleaning. haha

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