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Rant about Cox

Before you let your mind stray into naughty land, this entry is about bills, bills, bills. It’s a fact that if you use a service, you are expected to pay for the convenience. However, I hate it when the billing cycles get all mixed up.

Last month’s Cox bill was due on June 7th. I sent in the payment that day. Yesterday I get home and there is another bill due on June 27th for the normal amount. Confused, I called and asked why I had to pay twice in one month. The representative was polite, but said due to the Memorial Holiday the dates were delayed from the previous month.

I changed my billing cycle for the beginning of the month, but am still required to pay the bill in less than two weeks.

Here’s my issue. I’ve carefully calculated what bills are due when and due to my current financial circumstances an extra bill just won’t make the cut. I’m the kind of nerd that likes the approval of turning in an assignment early. And not just turning it in ahead of the curve, but exceeding the expectation.

In other words, I hate turning something¬† in late. I don’t understand how someone cannot pay something and then sleep at night. With the start of this new job, I will easily have the money one month from now. But this month is not next month and sometimes I wonder if that month will ever get here allowing me to be ahead of the curve. The money game has never been my forte. It’s the only test I haven’t aced and I feel as if every day I’m constantly reminded that I’m still learning.

I guess I have to give up my money grudge. I just see how much its absence tears people apart or how its presence can cause greed and distrust. Money isn’t all bad though. It can allow positive opportunities–if you have it. There’s just that fine line of not letting it control you.

I guess the jist of this rant has led me to practice humility, because I had to ask for help. I’ve been so independent for so long that I’ve felt ashamed to admit that I need assistance. But maybe it’s not a negative thing. Maybe this is an opportunity for me to practice appreciation and to learn how to trust someone. Not depend on them, but share something.

If that’s what bills can come to, then maybe I don’t mind paying that price.


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