Christmas Clarity

A few weeks ago a friend of mine posted an article he wrote during a moment of clarity. He talked about the importance of using social media to share our truest thoughts. The basic concept boils down to this: if we all express what we really think about instead of superficial jargon then we may all spiritually evolve a lot quicker. Think about it this way. How fast do videos go viral? Imagine if we cared that much about what we are really here for rather than how to be entertained.

These days I tend to get a little cynical. However, during my family’s Christmas Eve festivities I was completely refreshed about the direction our generation has the potential to go.

One of my uncles lives in California and could not make it for the event. He called right before everyone arrived at my parent’s house. My youngest sister was talking to him and asked if he “Skyped.” Within minutes he set up the program on his home computer and we had the capability to speak face-to-face.

I know this technology is by no means new. But the fact that family members who live 2,000 miles away were able to take part in our annual tradition was absolutely priceless. Because the everyday person is finally starting to utilize technology, the capabilities of our future are soon going to be limitless.

I recently interviewed a local man who, through a longer story, published a children’s story as an iPhone/iPad app. As I conversed with the author’s son and the illustrator we noticed a little boy sitting next to us who was playing with an iPhone. It made me think of my 2-year-old niece. She can maneuver throughout my phone better than my mother can. Imagine what she will see by the time she is 20, or 60!

The power of change is among us. In the words of author James Redfield, “Whether we call it a wave of Universal Consciousness, or The Twelfth Insight, or just a surge in Authentic Spirituality sweeping every religion in the world, the important point is that, far from being a fad or an abstract idea, this consciousness is something we can experience directly and thus imminently prove to ourselves.” (Redfield is the author of a fantastic book, “The Celestine Prophecy”)

So on this Christmas Day, I give thanks to Jesus. For it was this occasion that allowed my clarity. Now, let’s just get ready for the NEW YEAR!


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