The Test

It started with a wave of fatigue that has not gone away. It felt like I had mono with a side of crazy and the munchies. There was this feeling of rage in the pit of my stomach. I would get irritated so easily. I thought it was the stress of a new marriage after a wedding; the reality of a new adventure. Well it was the sign of an original path and it came in the form of two pink lines.

The room started to get black as the tunnel focused in on the pregnancy tests. There were two side by side on my bathroom counter. The first was a standard single or double line test, while the second was a digital confirmation test. As soon as the urine hit the stick, two pink lines appeared. Right next to the window said that one line meant not pregnant, while two lines meant you’re prego. I glanced at the digital test and the clock was blinking, which indicated I was a minute away from the answer to a new direction. Then “YES +,” popped up and the room became instantly hot.

I needed fresh air. Jon had gone to the Piggly Wiggly to get a few necessary breakfast items. He had left right when I took them and figured we would know by the time he returned. He got his answer as I was standing in the driveway frantically shaking my head yes. He was surprisingly way more excited than I was.

It’s strange. I always figured I would be jumping up and down the moment I found out I would be a mother. I didn’t realize there would be a surge of fear. The timing wasn’t right. We just married and needed time to adjust.

But since when do I think the world revolves around my timing?

The situation happened just as I needed it to. I woke up on the morning I was scheduled to start my period, but there was no monthly gift. I knew. I went to a Walgreen’s and purchased a First Response double pack. I went home and Jon followed me to the bathroom. You know the rest. The point is, he was there. More importantly, he was happy. Our first challenge as a couple and we did it together. It’ll be very interesting to see how the upcoming months go–with all of the other positives.



2 thoughts on “The Test”

  1. I love you, girly! And you will be an awesome mommy! That’s how it starts….First you are a mommy, then a mama, then you become a MOM…..I actually have tears in my eyes, thinking of the transition I have made from mommy to MOM three times. I can’t believe my “girls” (you included) have grown up and are now gonna start being mommies!!!

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