How should we spell Baby’s name??

How to write a name…

So we decided on naming Baby B, Charles. We know we will shorten it, but how do we want to spell it? Charlie or Charley?

I like both spellings. Jon likes Charley because he felt the “y” made it more masculine. I like it because it’s a little more different.

However, my family disagrees. They feel that Charley is how you would spell a girl’s name.

So I ask you, what do you think? Please let me know. Your thoughts are appreciated!!


3 thoughts on “How should we spell Baby’s name??”

  1. I’ve got mixed opinions. My gut reaction is to tell you to spell his name however you and Jon prefer. After all, it’s your kid! But having had my first name, last name, and nickname misspelled my entire life, I’d say keep it simple. Go with the obvious. I’ve even received baby and wedding shower cakes that called me Gabbie instead of Gabby. It gets old.

  2. Your friend Gabby is right in both ways. You should name your baby and spell it the way you want to. We stopped telling people what we were naming Jax bc we got a lot of bad personal opinions. It was mostly for our girl name. So we told everyone we changed the names and that they would all have to wait until the birth day to hear the name. We never really changed the names, we just didn’t want to hear people’s opinions anymore. And here I am giving you my opinion lol. With Nora, we didn’t care anymore what people had to say. We give our babies the names WE choose!! In the end, you should name your baby with the name your heart is telling you to give him. Now, that’s just my opinion…if it’s worth two cents =)

  3. Being a traditional kinda guy, I say Charlie. It will make his life easier not having to correct everyone all the time. People always spell my name Kurt instead of Curt. Just my opinion.

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