The lizard and the caterpillars

I do find inspiration in the oddest moments. Jon is still getting used to my creative methods, which helps me to grow in ways I did not imagine. A few years ago when I took the “Culture of Man” and “Environment and Spirit” courses at UL, I read a lot of articles and books written by authors who spent time outdoors or in nature. Part of my curriculum was to find a nature spot and visit it almost daily throughout a semester. This allowed me to really see what kind of creature life took place right beneath our noses. Usually I’m speeding by the Psychology department, rarely would I notice a new bloom or a bird basking in the sun.

Ever since I moved into my current dwelling, I felt the need to grow things. Growing my baby was the biggest surprise-I started with herbs. Every morning I let Jackson out to potty and I water my plants. I try to take notice of how they grow each day. Are they leaning a different direction? Do they feel more dry or moist than the day before? Are there new inhabitants in the pots?

It really makes me take notice of how each day truly is different. A few months ago I met a few lizards that live on our back porch. There were three, but now there only tends to be one lurking around my cala lillies. He and Jackson seem to have a playful relationship.

After the rain these past few days, I noticed a large group of caterpillars in my dill. Nearly all of my dill was eaten by these FAT caterpillars. The only thought that makes me less anxious is that, at least I’m helping to make butterflies – they’re my favorite. I guess the moral of this entry is to pay attention to your environment. Even infestations can lead to something beautiful:)


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