I’m now a little over 200 pounds. I’ve officially gained 29 pounds during my pregnancy and I still have three weeks to go. Last Wednesday marked my 37th week. Although I feel like I have been pregnant forever, I still can’t believe that the time is almost here.

It has been a very interesting journey to say the very least. I feel very blessed because I haven’t had very many issues. My placenta was low during most of my second trimester. I had a few restrictions, but I got through it. I listened to songs like “Rise” by Eddie Vedder and “Rise Up” by March Fourth Marching Band. At a 31 week ultrasound we found out that my placenta had risen to a very safe place, however Charles was in a breeched position.

I still had nine weeks to go, so he had plenty of time to flip. I tried not to worry about it. I called a friend of mine who is a Bradley Method instructor. She delivered a nine pound baby at her home and had a natural delivery using this method. She told me to get on all fours and rock-every night. She said it would stimulate the baby to get into a birthing position. Even though I felt silly, I tried to do it as often as I could.

Two weeks ago when my doctor checked his position, he was still breeched. We discussed a few options, such as an ECV – external cephalic version, and talked about a possible C-section. I researched the ECV and had very mixed feelings about it. The success rate is only 50 percent and there are a few major risks: the cord could get wrapped around his neck or my placenta could rupture. I would have to be hooked up to an I.V. and sign an emergency C-Section waiver. After the procedure, regardless if it was successful or not, I would have to stay in the hospital to be monitored for a few hours.

Uuuuummmmmm. Maybe not?

I have imagined myself having a natural birth this entire pregnancy. You would think that I would have completely over researched and prepared myself adequately but I really haven’t. I like experiencing the complete awareness of listening to my body and having no expectations. I may come to regret this decision when I’m huffing and puffing during labor, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. But now with my baby boy’s positioning I was trying to choose what would be best for him. If he is all comfortable and large in this position, why should I try to force him to change? Plus, it would be very convenient to know what day I would have him and when I needed to leave work.

So junior and I had a chat. One day I sat rubbing my belly in a clock-wise motion and explained the situation to him. I discussed all of our options and told him that I would leave it up to him because after all, this whole event will take the both of us working together. I decided against the ECV. I was going to set a C-Section date and if he hadn’t flipped by then I would take it as a sign that a section was the way for us to go. I felt comfortable with this decision and it seemed like he did too.

Last week I had an ultrasound to check his presentation. When the technician put the wand against my lower tummy the first thing we saw was a big head. Somehow he decided quite quickly to flip over and now he is head down and looks like he is ready to go.

Now it’s going to be the waiting game. For a sliver of a second I thought I knew when he would get here. But Charles has decided to remind me of what pregnancy teaches you: You will never have your own schedule again and you need to learn how to be patient and on your toes at the same time.

It’s double Dutch time. I will be hopping back and forth from left foot to right foot as I wait for a contraction and that cliche moment when I can yell, “My water just broke!”.  Even if in the end I have to have the c-section, I won’t be totally disappointed. If the breeched situation taught me anything it’s that regardless if we are in the “wrong” position and stubborn as hell, the world has a way of moving us to where we need to go. Alright Charley, let’s get moving!


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