Simply put, I like to learn about new things and love to meet to new people.

I’m trying to implement “The Liver Philosophy”. It’s an idea that I learned from my uncle. I want to find people who already live it and introduce it to those who don’t.

I’m a small-town girl who graduated from The University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2009 as the Outstanding Graduate for the College of General Studies (master of life/well rounded individual). I was editor in chief of our school newspaper, The Vermilion. I spent a short time traveling about and then returned to my hometown of Rayne, Louisiana, for what I thought would be a brief encounter. Eight years later – a husband and four sons later – a teaching career later–I am still here, embracing the charm and quirkiness of the Frog Capital of the World.

My roots may be engrained in the soil of Louisiana, but there are these petals on my Magnolia tree that long to dance in the sunshine of my country. I’m open to sharing my journey in hopes to meet other interesting humans and maybe help them blossom in their own way.

“It’s not the destination, but the journey.” (Dan Milliman, The ways of the Peaceful Warrior)


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  1. Hey! We’re part of the PPU too. I’m following your blog, you should check out ours!


    The BS Project

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